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Our Story

Our Story

Meet the Brilliant Minds Fueling BDITDOMAIN

Meet the Brilliant Minds Fueling BDITDOMAIN

At BDITDOMAIN, we pride ourselves on the exceptional talent that drives our success. Let us introduce you to the brilliant minds behind our groundbreaking solutions. Together, this exceptional team of trailblazers at BDITDOMAIN is committed to pushing boundaries, unlocking new possibilities, and creating transformative solutions for our clients. The future of technology is in safe hands with these brilliant minds!

Mostafizur Choudhury


Mostafizur Choudhury, the innovative CEO of BDITDOMAIN, is a true disruptor in the tech domain. Throughout his career, he has challenged conventional norms, introducing novel approaches that have redefined how technology impacts businesses. His fearlessness in embracing emerging technologies has enabled BDITDOMAIN to stay ahead of the curve, consistently delivering innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible.

+1 (917) 887-4509

S. Afreen Ansari Khan

Marketing Operations Manager

+971 56 311 4548

Mohammed Abdul Aleem

HR Manager Cum Course Coordinator

+91 9700167048

Tahseen Khan

Jannatul Ferdous Nishat

Digital Marketing Lead & Trainer

+880 1798-285724

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